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Elizabeth is a native English speaker, fluent French speaker and NAATI Certified Translator and French tutor residing in Sydney, Australia. 

Following 12 years in practice as a commercial and insurance litigation solicitor and barrister, Elizabeth returned to University to complete her major in French and obtain a Master’s degree in Translation from UNSW (awarded ‘with Excellence’). Many of the skills she developed as a lawyer assist her in her day-to-day practice as a translator, in particular the ability to identify the nuances of written language and to write clearly and succinctly. 

Elizabeth has a special interest and expertise in legal and medical translation. She has considerable experience translating legal decisions handed down by French courts, legislation and contracts, to which she brings her in- depth understanding of legal language and procedure. In addition, she regularly translates corporate and commercial documents such as corporate constitution documents, financial statements and annual reports. Since 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, she has also been involved in a number of large medical translation projects and developed expertise in the translation of medical records and reports. 

Elizabeth has a passion for, and keen academic interest in, the French language. She also works as a casual academic at the UNSW in the French stream of the Translation program and as a private French tutor for secondary school students.

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